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Full Spectrum Hemp

Things to know

People and animals have been using full spectrum hemp for many years, but it wasn't until recently that these products could be regulated to ensure the highest quality. Thankfully, organic, responsibly sourced hemp can be found, but unfortunately so can many products that use clever marketing tricks to sell products of inferior quality. 

That's where Better Life Brands comes in.


Today's fun fact: Hemp plants have superpowers: they can soak up impurities from the soil and trap them. This helps purify their environment. However, this means that the plants could be absorbing pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins that you don't want your horse ingesting.

Cue Better Life Brands. We only partner with certified organic growers to make sure that our hemp pellets are not only as pure and safe as it gets, but consistent quality and sure to help you reach your horse's health goals. 

Learn more about our products and growers by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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