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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will Better Life Horse Pellets get my horse “high?” 

A: No, BLB Hemp Pellets contain 0% THC. THC is the chemical that makes users of cannabis products that causes a "high," or mood-altering state. Hemp that has 0% THC is a great way to get the medical benefits of hemp plants without experiencing a high.

Q: How do I feed the BLB Pellets to my horse? 

A: Some horses will eat them out of your hand like treats. For the rest, you can just mix it in with their grain.


Q: How often do I feed BLB Pellets? 

A: We recommend starting with a minimum of one tablespoon once or twice daily, and adjusting your dosage and frequency based on the results that you see in your horse.

Q: What health benefits can I expect to see from BLB pellets?

A: Client testimonials have stated that owners see improvements in cases ranging from joint health to ulcers, temperament improvements, gut health, and improvements in performance. See our resources page for clinical studies conducted on the potential benefits of hemp for horses.

Q: Let's say my horse or dog breaks into the canister and ingest a high dose  of BLB pellets. Are they toxic to my animals in large doses?

A: Don’t panic! BLB Pellets are non-toxic and non-addictive. Your pet will most likely chill out and take a nap, but the effects should wear off in less than eight hours.

Q: Can I feed BLB Pellets before competition? 

A: Be sure to check your specific event rules—hemp products aren’t dearly beloved by organizations such as the USEF—they are 100% safe for use in competition. Many of our clients in rodeo events reported that BLB Hemp Pellets can help reduce competition stress on the road and help their horses stay focused and calm during rodeos.

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