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Family owned, farm grown.

Our story is personal and began years ago on an organic farm in Oregon. A good friend's grandfather became terminally ill and was prescribed opioids. Realizing the toll and side effects the opioids caused their loved one, they began to treat him with Hemp capsules instead. From that day on their grandfather not only stopped using opioids, but had no continued side effects. He was able to live out his remaining life on the farm in general peace and relative comfort.


After seeing first-hand the benefits of Hemp products, the family became committed to using part of their farmland to growing the finest hemp they could. But their commitment to quality didn’t stop there. They set up an extensive CO2 extraction plant and GMP lab for processing the oil into the finest Full Spectrum Hemp oil available in the USA. 

Our products are a direct result of organic growing standards and commitment to quality. We believe that by controlling the entire process we can insure the highest quality product and keep our prices affordable.



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